Our Story

Colé by Ami is a fashion brand founded by Aminata Camara who’s also known as Ami. Ami was born and raised in Bamako, Mali (West Africa). Her whole childhood was based on the art/fashion culture in Mali. All of the women she grew up around were some sort of designers ranging from jewelry to sculptures to pot making, sewing, crocheting, etc. As a kid, she would spend most of her summer learning a little bit of all these from the women in her life. However, one thing that stood out to her as she grew older was designing and sewing. She then began to only focus on those and would spend most of her weekends and summer learning more about them from her aunt, who has a very successful learning center in Bamako that teaches women not just the art but also the business aspect. She later migrated to New York and her passion for fashion broadened even more, especially being exposed to so many different styles and designers that she wasn’t familiar with while in Mali. As years went on, she took some fashion courses all in the hope of finding ways to incorporate what she knew and was used to, into the new world that she’s now in. After studying, with the fashion world evolving at a very fast pace and the western world beginning to get more familiarized with the African prints, Ami made it her goal to merge the African royalty with the chic western fashion style.